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Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks has been helping customers just like you in the area for years, which tells you that we know what we're doing! We've experienced just about any problem imaginable and have taken care of it. No matter what the issue is, we'll assist you in finding the very best solution available. Our cleaners use only the best tools and materials around, so you can trust you're getting a job well done! That's why we're known as the best in California.

Attic Cleaning Is Important

You may not think the inch of dust in your attic really matters, but it does! It can cause all kinds of trouble, from mold growing and eating away at the wood, to contaminating the air of your home. Lowered air quality can cause health issues so don't risk it! Instead, let us clear it all out for you.

Having Rodent Troubles?

Even if the pests have been long gone from your attic, they likely left behind destroyed insulation and diseased waste. Aside from replacing the insulation, our team can also decontaminate the entire attic to be sure that there are no more health risks! Our professionals can also install rodent proofing so that it won't happen again.

Insulation Installation, Removal, And More

Insulation in your attic is vital when it comes to keeping energy costs down, so if you've been noticing your bill rising, we may have found the issue! Damage can occur over the years from water, pests, and even just age. There's no need to ignore it and lose more money! Let our professionals handle it for you. We can remove what's there and replace it with fresh material of whatever type you decide on, such as fiberglass or cellulose. The removal will be done carefully, to ensure there's no pollution from particles getting into your home's air.

Be it for professional cleaning, insulation, or rodent proofing – you can always count on us at Attic Cleaning Thousand Oaks!

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