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Use PPE when cleaning your attic, especially if you have fiberglass insulation

Mold and rodent droppings are not the only health hazard lurking in your attic. Small particles of fiberglass insulation can cause skin or eye irritation, nose bleeds and severe coughing. So if this is the type of insulation you have, protect yourself by wearing a long sleeved shirt, rubber gloves, protective goggles and a dust mask. Our experts advise avoiding handling fiberglass altogether. Avoid the risk by giving us a call!

Seal cracks in your attic

Not only can cracks in your attic allow air to escape, which wastes energy as your home tries to regulate the temperature, but it can also let moisture inside that causes mold growth. Mold damages and weakens wood and may also destroy insulation or stored belongings. You can use caulking or canned spray foam and apply either thoroughly into the cracks to fill them, which will close them up and better prevent these issues. Most hardware stores should carry one or both of these items.

Measure carefully when cutting insulation

If you've decided to install insulation yourself and are using blankets, make sure that you double check the measurements so that it will fit snugly inside the space, but not have to be smashed in. If the insulation doesn't meet the wood frame securely, there will be cracks where air can easily leak through. If it's pressed in too forcefully, it's effectiveness can be lowered. The latter also applies concerning pipes, trying to force insulation around them actually lowers the functionality of the insulation overall.


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